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Bio Supplement Powder for Cat & Dog

Benefits of POWER GREEN
1. The secret recipe used by Garfield
2. Relax cat’s emotions
3. Prevent kidney disease and tumors
4. Reduce the risk of cancer
5. Increase the cat immune system
6. Prevent skin diseases and allergic, such as hotsports & ringworm
7. Increase cat’s appetite
8. Eliminate parasitic worms and heartworms
9. Reduce cat odour
10. Product of USA

POWER GREEN is a bio supplement powder that contains minerals, sodium, iron and magnesium to enhance your cat immune system.

Other than that, POWER GREEN also supplies protein for cat growth especially for pregnant cat.

POWER GREEN is the most suitable and safe for your cat as it is the most natural and organic bio supplement that you can get in the market.

This product is also suitable for dog, bird & fish.


How to use:
For cat : 1 spoon per meal.

For Dog : 2 spoon per meal.

Frequency:1-2 times per day. Can mix with dry or wet pet food.


For external use:
use 2-3 spoon of POWER GREEN and gently rub powder into the fur of cat to reduce cat odour and fleas. Apply weekly.


Parasitic worms that threaten your cat’s life!
Identify 3 types of parasitic worms that live in the body of a cat
1. Ascarids (Roundworm)
Often found in kittens. This parasites enters the body of cats in the form of eggs which is scattered on the ground or spread by infected cats and infected rats.

2. Nematoda (Hookworm)
Dangerous. This type of worm lives in the small intestine and is a well-known parasite that sucking its host blood. Cats infected with this type of parasites shows symptoms of anemia, diarrhea in the small intestine.

3. Taenia (Tapeworm)
Tapeworm lives in the small intestine where these parasites absorb nutrients from cat so that the cat show symptoms like more hungry than usual and easier hungry.


Packing: 50G per Bottle


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