AGROSTAR Fig Plant Food is a form of nano technology water soluble nutrient solution with a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer gives better fig plant. Two types of formula combination (Blooming & Strengthen) complete with important Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P2O5), Potassium (K2O), Calcium (CaO), Magnesium (MgO), Sulphur (S), plant based amino acids, enzymes, trace elements and titanium specifically formulated for fig plant needs. This product favors fig plant a well-balanced development, luxuriant flowering and fruiting.

NutriBact – Multi-efficiency comes with 10 types of beneficial microbes and orgnaic nutrients to restore your plants and soils vitality. Bio-control diseases for prevention fungal diseases. Improve and protects the roots development to build a higher immunity system of plants

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