CALMAG PLUS – Bio-available Calcium and Magnesium Fortified with Nitrogen, Amino acid, trace element and AG Plant Hormone Liquid Fertilizer (Agrostar Brand) for Vegetables, Durian, Fruits & All ornamentals 10L (Black)

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  • To strengthen Plant
  • Suitable throughout all stages of the plant growth & development
  • Increase the permeability of the leaf wax layer which enhance the permeability of nutrients and the utilization of foliar fertilizer
  • Promote more vigorous root growth & expansion
  • Restores beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  • Promote plant root nutrients absorption more effectively
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Effectively increase chlorophyll content to improve photosynthesis
  • Regulating endogenous hormones in plants
  • Prevent flowers & fruits drop
  • Promote pollination success rate
  • Improve plant disease and stress resistance

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