• Parasitic effects – Organic Microbial Fungus Insecticide. Mainly parasitize a variety of pests, through the continuous increase and reproduction RifleBact inside the pest body, through consumption of their nutrients and mechanical penetration, eventually pests are killed and will spread among the pest populations.
  • Green ecology – RifleBact is specific to pests only and has no adverse effects on humans and animals. It also has the advantages of not polluting the environment and pests will not have resistant to pesticides.
  • The insecticidal effect is remarkable – RifleBact is a broad-spectrum bacterium, and it has a significant effect in killing insects. It will takes up to 3 – 5 days to kill the insects once RifleBact started to parasitize the insect.
  • Suitable for home garden and organic farming
  • RifleBact and Organo Matryine are the best organic insecticide combination, together they will perform more efficient long lasting killing effect


/ cotton bollworm / cabbage caterpillar / diamondback moth / cockroach / aphids / thrips / leafhoppers / whiteflies / beetles / weevil / mites / termites / grubs / cutworms / ground maggots / benih sayur sayuran / pots for plants / plants indoor / pasu bunga plastik / gardening tools / pots for plants / flower pot /

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