Por Joo Enterprise (002369725-D) / AGROSTAR Brand specializes in direct plant available liquid fertilizer formulation and production of amino acids based liquid fertilizer. Our a variety of products cater the plants needs such as oil palm, rubber trees, paddy, fruits trees, vegetables, flowers and other crops in Malaysia. We also providing professional advice to growers for selecting suitable fertilizer and diagnosis plants condition.

“Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Happy Gardener!”

Our products help gardeners & farmers to grow high yields of top quality food crops, with good economic returns. We aims to produce high yield and quality, maximizing economic returns for growers, while minimizing losses and impact on the environment.
ALAN tam


All growing plants need the proper amounts of 17 essential elements to develop and grow. 


Pest & fungal control

For prevention will have to apply organic insecticides and organic fungicides to kill & repel insects & fungal attack.