AGROSTAR aim is to enhance your gardening. 

Sustainable development lies within AGROSTAR. The original intention of our product development is to use natural and a balanced chemical & organic materials to achieve best results, at the same time, be able to rejuvenate plant, soil and environment for future sustainable development.

With 30 years of experience, NOSKTAHCO HOLDINGS SDN BHD (198901005774 (183079-W)) provides you a one stop hassle-free solution on plant nutrition, pest control & fungal control. We specializes in various of direct plant available special liquid fertilizer formulation to cater the plants needs such as vegetables, herbs, seedlings, flowers, fruits trees and other plants. 

We also providing professional advice and diagnosis plants condition to growers for selecting suitable fertilizer solution.

Happy Gardener
Happy Gardener

“Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Happy Gardener!”

ALAN tam