Durian farmer in karak, pahang applied our products


Left side picture: Young durian plant applied Hi-K amino+TE and Calmag Amino+TE, durian plant is healthy and shiny green leaves. 

Right side picture: Compare with another same age durian plant just apply chemical fertilizer, the durian plant is not healthy.



Durian farmer in cheroh, pahang  applied our products


Both durian trees applied Hi-K amino+TE, Calmag Amino+TE and plant based organic compost, durian plant are healthy and shiny green leaves



Durian farmer in sungai ruan, pahang  applied our products

By applying Hi-K Amino+TE to stimulate durian flowering 



By applying Calmag Amino+TE to strengthen trees branches and to provide ready available nutrients for durian trees to absorb for fast recovery after durian harvest