AGROSTAR – TRIDENT – Premium Formulation Seaweed Extract fortified with Organic Trace Elements & Biotechnology Fulvic Acids for vegetables, flowers, durian, fruit trees 1L


  • 100% Organic
  • Providing a spectrum of nutrients
  • Stronger and healthier plants
  • Improve flowering and fruit set
  • Enhance root stimulation
  • Enhanced uptake of nutrients boosted by fulvic acids
  • Enhancing beneficial microbial activity in the soil
  • Enhance the natural ability of plants to prevent pests and diseases
  • Improves plant respiration
  • Enhance Plant Photosynthesis 
  • Natural Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)
  • pH buffering capacity-soluble in acid & alkaline soils
  • Increasing crop yield and quality and prolonging postharvest shelf-life

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